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Author, Leadership Coach, Intimacy & Relationship Coach, Hypnotherapist, Broadcaster, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Music & Dance Facilitator.

Susie is a much sought-after workshop facilitator, speaker, trainer, coach and interview guest. Her expertise covers a wide array of topics, a selection of which are detailed below. If you’re seeking a thought-provoking keynote speech or an experiential workshop, Susie is happy to work with you to shape her content for your audience.

Susie is a successful published Author, and her books (see Susie’s books) and articles give an insight into the broad range of expertise and knowledge Susie has gained over a long and varied career.

Specialties include: Executive Coach, Global Speaker, Trainer, Broadcaster Radio/TV, Relationship & Intimacy Coaching, Music and Dance Therapist.











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A Recent Event

The Haven's Female Empowerment Conference, February 2022

Susie was invited to speak as part of a fundraising day for The Haven, a domestic abuse non-profit organisation. Susie’s topic was ‘The Potency of the Feminine’.

 The event was a huge success, with talks streamed into the Haven's refuges as well as being a ticketed event.

Comments included “I’ve never felt so good” and  “It was just like a great big hug” .

Sample Podcasts available below

Recent Events Include

The One Woman Conference 2022, where Susie worked with 450 professional women to embody the five women’s PowerTypes.

Co-Facilitated ‘Be Love’ Seminar over three days, focussing on ‘Love, Sex and Intimacy’ and a deep dive into ‘The Lover PowerType

Feedback included “Profoundly touching and moving”,  “Such a role model”. And “I want to be Susie, when I grow up”

One Woman Conference and Be Love are copyright One of many

Areas of Focus


This is an invitation to explore the un-expressed parts of ourselves, to reconnect with our natural instincts and intuition, and the neuroscience and philosophy behind who you really are.

Susie will share the secret ‘wisdom of the body’ and how to connect with the ‘mystery of life’ in this joy-filled introduction to Embodiment and how it helps shape your experience.

This can lead to greater fulfilment at work, improved health and vitality and enhanced connection with family and intimate relationships.

This one and a half hour introduction is specifically designed for groups of 10 minimum and may be arranged as a ‘live’ event or on-line via Zoom

Susie Heath's Embodiment Class
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Intimacy & Relationships

Intimacy & relationships

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Sexual energy is alive - it’s potent, it’s powerful. But, most of the time, we’ve been taught to feel shameful and inadequate, whether we are in a relationship or not.

Susie explores the juicy knowingness deep inside each of us that has the power to transform how you see yourself … and consequently how others see you, feel your presence and want to connect with your exquisite energy, both personally and professionally.

This is designed as a group training and may be arranged as a ‘live’ event or on-line via Zoom.

Susie also coaches individuals and couples  privately

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Femininity and Masculinity

‘Femininity’ and ‘Masculinity’ have received bad press recently. Throughout past decades, people have been encouraged to reject the idea that our core energy and our brains and bodies are ‘wired’ differently.  As a result women and men have moved closer to a  central ‘melting’ point where the feminine has become stronger and the masculine has become weaker.

This has led to countless problems in relationships, well-being, purpose, energy and health for both.

Susie teaches men about women and women about themselves - nourishing intrinsic strengths and  unleashing the true potential and success that lies within each of us.

This is designed as a group training and may be arranged as a ‘live’ event or on-line via Zoom.

Susie also coaches individuals and couples  privately

Susie Heath - Training on Femininity and Masculinity
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Burn Out!!

Photo Credit Kyle Broad

This is designed as a group training and may be arranged as a ‘live’ event or on-line via Zoom.

Susie also coaches individuals privately

It's estimated that about 85% of people in Western society are suffering from stress-related illness, leading to emotional exhaustion and physical depletion. Yet deep inside us, lies an innate ability to heal. You have within your body the most perfect pharmacy to bring your body and mind back to equilibrium, if you just knew how to access it.

In this technological age where we’re constantly bombarded from all angles with information, opportunities, immediate demands on our time and endless priorities, Susie believes balance is a fallacy. Discover instead ‘Energy Dynamics’ where everything you do is malleable, where you can adapt and flow, adjust and fine-tune to avoid overwhelm and create harmony.

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In addition to the training and coaching programmes above, Susie is available for Podcasts, Interviews and discussions on all of the topics illustrated.

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“Working with Susie for the last year has been a fantastic experience. As a lawyer pivoting into a new career, and as a mother trying to discard her former stress-fuelled life for one with more peace and joy, Susie is the perfect teacher and companion. A great blend of loving kindness when I've needed to rest and brimming with ideas when I'm ready to make leaps forward. Susie has been a business, life and relationship coach/mentor all rolled into one. I can't thank her enough for her support and encouragement in the huge life transformations I've made this last year.”

— Hannah Beko, Lawyer

"I have known Susie for over half a decade now both on a personal and professional basis. She is one of only a few women speakers-teachers-coaches in this country who has the ability to truly move her audience rapidly into their core energies. She does this with grace and elegance. Her style of teaching is immediately infectious and most importantly to me and to anyone in her presence - she is authentic.

Her feminine energy and radiance creates a wonderful environment for those she is teaching to relax and let go. I have witnessed her move both women and men rapidly and effectively. Equally, her grace and ease in teaching allows women to open up in a way that they have never done before. When the opportunity arises, I will always have Susie come speak with me as I know the positive impact she has on my audiences.”

Dr. Rohan Weerasinghe – Author, professional speaker and trainer.

“I have been blown away by the impact Susie’s coaching has had on me. Her combination of deep connection with the feminine archetypes and her business acumen makes for one gentle but powerful support which has propelled me forwards in very purposeful way. The progress we have made has been nothing short of astonishing, my business has leapt forward in a direction that feels almost exponential and we have sorted out a lot of non-business things in my life too.”

Marion Thomas Project Manager

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